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Skincare inspired by Nature. Made in small batches to increase quality and freshness.
Experience healthy skin.
Hi, my name is Melissa Kruse, and I have a passion for herbs, skincare, and holistic living. Over the past decade, I have personally formulated an entire line of bath and body products that utilize the nourishing properties of herbs and plant-derived ingredients. I connect the proper herbs to the skin type to create a more balanced skin in the end.
Connect with your local ecosystem.
Some of the most amazing and health-giving plants grow in our backyards. I love working with them and discovering new ways to use them. Too many plants have become endangered because they’ve suddenly become marketed as an exotic “cure-all.” I believe we are here to take care of the earth so the earth can take care of us. I grow and become familiar with the herbs before I use them in my formulas.
Create results.
My products are art to me. I envision new products, new formulations, new looks, a new feel, or a new scent, and I’m not satisfied until I’ve perfected it. I get inspiration from the herbs in my garden, and I get a thrill out of creating something fresh. I feel fortunate that I get to share my creativity and passion through my products.



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