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Contact Person: Dean and Jean Braatz
Phone: 612-245-6271
My MN Farmer

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We are Dean and Jean Braatz and the owners of My Minnesota Farmer CSA farm. We are so excited about becoming your farmer but we are also eager to get to know you. We will be opening up our lives and our farm to you. Dean grew up farming and dreaming of farming since his earliest memories. He has raised nearly every domesticated animal one could think of at one point or another and has been gardening for fun and food since he was a high school senior 19 years ago. Jean had the gardening experience but needed a crash course in livestock when we moved to our own farm in 2004. Jean, being an educator, learned quickly, and now loves to share and teach others about how their food is grown and raised and the amazing healthy, tasty difference in local, sustainably grown food from My Minnesota Farmer.As your farmers, we strive to offer the best, freshest and most delicious produce around. We offer more than 30 different varieties of fruits and vegetables but our main focus is growing fruits and vegetables that most people know and enjoy.

We sell young, tender, tasty, broiler chickens raised on grass and sunshine, grass-fed beef shares, free range chicken eggs and Thanksgiving turkeys as additional ways to feed your family with utmost confidence that you are eating quality food.

Our farm is situated on 40 acres, 30 miles north of Mankato. Over the past eight years we have been growing the farm piece-by-piece, each year growing more food on healthier soils. You’ll benefit from the superior produce harvested from our 12 high tunnels. We are committed to growing our food free of chemicals in a natural and sustainable way and providing that food to you in its freshest, simplest form.

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