Alternative Roots Farm


11197 130th St.
Madelia, MN

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Alternative Roots Farm offers certified organic apples, garlic, greens, other veggies and winter greens, as well as apple products. John and Brooke grow over 40 different varieties of apples, including favorites such as Zestar!, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Sweet 16, and more, including many heirlooms. Apple products include applesauce, apple butter and dehydrated apple rings. Our fruit and veggies are available mid-August-October at the Saturday Mankato Farmers Market. Winter salad greens, microgreens and pea shoots are available, alongside our produce, during the Winter Farmers Market, November-February.


Alternative Roots Farm, 2019 Brown County Farm Family of the Year, is run by John and Brooke Knisley. We are located 23 miles West of Mankato, 12 miles South of New Ulm. This is our 8th growing season providing local, fresh, nutritious organic produce to our surrounding communities.


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