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1895 Adams Street
Mankato, MN 56001

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Phone: (507) 388-3168
The Pie Peddler

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Many years ago my Grandmother baked for our family and our hired help on our family farm. I inherited her love of baking and started “The Pie Peddler” at the Mankato Farmer’s Market 8 years ago. Our business has grown over the years. We started small with 1 canopy tent and two tables, and now have 2 canopy tents, 5 tables and 3 products. We specialize in pies; half & half’s, swirls, 4 floors, small pies, and little buddies. All our pies are always baked fresh the night before the market so they are the freshest you can find. We also have Whoopie Pies (2 chocolate cake halves with a powdered sugar and marshmallow cream center), and home made salted nut rolls in 5 different flavors. We look forward to baking and creating what our customers love, fresh baked pies and sweet treats for the family.