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Beans Coffee Company
Beans Coffee Company

Coffee is kind of like the weather. Have you ever been hanging out with someone and all of the sudden there is an awkward pause in the conversation? In my mind, I’m scrambling for any interesting or fun fact to save the day. That’s what’s going on in my head, but do you know what happens? “Sure is nice outside today.” Not awe inspiring, but it did the trick. Why is weather the “go to” for awkward pauses? Because it is something that everyone shares. Coffee is like the weather. Have you ever been sitting at the kitchen table with friends (far away from the outside world mind you) and that pause in the conversation starts, what do you talk about? Probably the coffee you’re drinking, because again it is something you share with other people, and if it is a good cup of coffee, all the better. Helping you bridge those awkward pauses is what we are about, because if you can get past them, there is no limit to how far and deep the conversation will go.

Established in 2012, Beans Coffee Company is a small batch coffee roaster located in Mankato, MN. Beans Coffee is dedicated to providing you with the freshest coffee available; you will taste a difference.

Locally Roasted. Mankato, MN.
Blue Earth Valley Trading Company

The Blue Earth Valley Trading Company began as a hobby three years ago. Kevin Mattick, lifetime resident of Mankato, MN, started tapping just a couple of maple trees around his parent’s house and was immediately hooked. He then began training at various maple producer workshops across the country and started making plans to turn his hobby into a business. He added a couple of bee hives and has been expanding production each year. The Blue Earth Valley Trading Company became a fully licensed producer in southern Minnesota during 2014 and launched a retail website in November of the same year. Currently, the product line consists of maple syrup, honey, and creamed honey.
Guldan Family Farm
Guldan Family Farm

The 2015 growing season marks our 22nd year vending at the Mankato Farmers’ Market! Our recognized Sesquicentennial Farm is nestled in the Minnesota River Valley near New Ulm where we raise over 30 types of Minnesota produce from “A”sparagus to “Z”uchinni. Other goodies available at our market stand include baked goods, photography art and cards, and over 50 types of jams, jellies, and other delicious canned goods. Whether you buy from us at the market or by subscribing to our CSA, we guarantee you’ll always receive fresh, great tasting produce. We are farmers with a family focus — choose us to be your family’s farmers!
Gullywash Gardens
Gullywash Gardens

“This sure is one gullywasher of a rain!”
These words, shouted during one summer deluge, earned our farm its name – and lost us our hilly driveway!
Gullywash Gardens, both our home and farm, is in beautiful hill country. We are bordered by ravines and overlook the gorgeous Minnesota River Valley. Our area is resplendent with wildlife, rich forests, and fresh air. We love gardening, our chickens, cats, Maggie the dog, suppers on the porch, owls hooting in the night, sunlight dappling through the woods, and smoke mingling with the fragrance of sweet maple sap boiling. We even love our dilapidated barn and shed!

After years of sustainably farming vegetables and flowers and running a successful CSA, we decided to scale back a little and devote our time to the more artistic pursuits. We took an unforgettable trip to the Netherlands, and experienced the stunning flowers and landscapes unique to the area. After enjoying such inspiration, we decided to upsize the flower portion of our farm, and are now proud to offer sustainably grown flowers, log-grown shiitake mushrooms, and homemade maple syrup to our customers. Ever since we started farming, we knew we wanted to care for our farm’s ecosystem in as organic a way as possible.

Gullywash uses only sustainable, natural practices to produce our flowers. We use compost, cover crops, and rotational planting. We do not use chemical herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides. We also don’t plant GMO seeds – we like to save some of our seeds for next year’s planting. Our Farmers’ Market booth overflows with seasonal bouquets of colorful, fragrant flowers. From the soft pastels of spring, to summer’s vibrant jewel blooms, leading into muted autumnal tones, our bouquets are expertly crafted for sale. As the new farmer/florist movement takes root, we design weddings, special events and business floral décor.
Knollwood Farm
Knollwood Farm

I have been a vendor at the market since 1990.  I sell a variety of produce and eggs.  Being a good steward of the land is important to me. I use no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.  Instead I use compost for fertilizer, mulch for weed control, and companion planting for pest control.  Treating animals humanely is also important to me.  My chickens are free range.  They are allowed to enjoy the outdoors, and engage in chicken activities.  They are given no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.  I believe  sustainable agriculture is important for our future.   come to the market and check out my products.  I am there every Saturday May-October.

Moody Bees
Moody Bees

Moody Bees honey is owned and operated by Kaylee Carnahan and Jason Moody, started in 2014. We are a local apiary located just outside of Madelia, MN. Our hives are located within 25 miles of Mankato, where the bees feed on wildflowers, clover and some basswood.

All of our honey products are completely 100% pure grade A honey and is never pasteurized. We offer various sized table honey in plastic containers, raw honey, herb infused honey, seasonal cut comb, pure beeswax, beeswax candles, lip balm, lotion bars and various other products. Bulk honey and beeswax on pre-order.

Facebook at @moodybeesfarm
Instagram at @moodybeeshoney
Norweg Grove Honey Farm

Gary has been a beekeeper most of his life. His father began beekeeping with a hive of bees for 4-H in 1928. Jeri started working with bees almost 40 years ago. Our honey is 100 percent pure honey and the honey that we sell at the farmers market is produced within 10 miles of Mankato. Clover and/or basswood are the primary flavors of honey produced in southern Minnesota and has exceptionally good flavor. We sell buckwheat honey too.
We also sell beeswax and a wide variety of 100 percent beeswax candles.