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Gullywash Gardens
Gullywash Gardens

“This sure is one gullywasher of a rain!”
These words, shouted during one summer deluge, earned our farm its name – and lost us our hilly driveway!
Gullywash Gardens, both our home and farm, is in beautiful hill country. We are bordered by ravines and overlook the gorgeous Minnesota River Valley. Our area is resplendent with wildlife, rich forests, and fresh air. We love gardening, our chickens, cats, Maggie the dog, suppers on the porch, owls hooting in the night, sunlight dappling through the woods, and smoke mingling with the fragrance of sweet maple sap boiling. We even love our dilapidated barn and shed!

After years of sustainably farming vegetables and flowers and running a successful CSA, we decided to scale back a little and devote our time to the more artistic pursuits. We took an unforgettable trip to the Netherlands, and experienced the stunning flowers and landscapes unique to the area. After enjoying such inspiration, we decided to upsize the flower portion of our farm, and are now proud to offer sustainably grown flowers, log-grown shiitake mushrooms, and homemade maple syrup to our customers. Ever since we started farming, we knew we wanted to care for our farm’s ecosystem in as organic a way as possible.

Gullywash uses only sustainable, natural practices to produce our flowers. We use compost, cover crops, and rotational planting. We do not use chemical herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides. We also don’t plant GMO seeds – we like to save some of our seeds for next year’s planting. Our Farmers’ Market booth overflows with seasonal bouquets of colorful, fragrant flowers. From the soft pastels of spring, to summer’s vibrant jewel blooms, leading into muted autumnal tones, our bouquets are expertly crafted for sale. As the new farmer/florist movement takes root, we design weddings, special events and business floral décor.
Market Bakery
Market Bakery

From plants and flowers……… buns and bread. This year we are sporting a new name, Market Bakery.

Our business started as Earthworks Gardens in 2009 at the Farmers Market. Gradually, we worked into more baking and less plants – now only selling plants wholesale.

Market Bakery offers the freshest in baked goods, yes – the elves work through the night. Our line of bakery goods includes Artisan breads, Danish pastries, scones, muffins, cookies, turnovers, pinwheels, croissants, buns, and our famous cinnamon rolls. Our rolls are huge, and almost big enough to share – but we don’t recommend it. Our most popular items are our Ciabatta bread, dill pickle buns and cinnamon rolls. All of our products are prepared and baked in my home, yes – I have a large kitchen. In the fall and winter, I also teach ‘Baking Classes’ at my home.

I spent nearly 5 years as a bakery foreman supervising a crew of 8. This ‘scratch’ bakery, served 800 people three times a day. That is a lot of bread, buns and sweets. Did I mention it was a bakery at a Federal Prison and the crew was inmates? Interesting experience.

Stop by and see us at the market!

Musser Produce
Musser Produce

Sue Musser and Joyce Schmidt have a combined gardening history for 40 years. Sue started her gardening for family. Finding varieties that the family liked and kept growing them. This led to the Mankato Farmers’ Market and 23 years later she is still there. Joyce has joined her for the last 17 years.

Over the years we have planted many varieties of vegetables. We start with A, asparagus to Z, zucchini. We have planted gourds and during the winter we make birdhouses, bowls, vases and whatever our imaginations can come up with.

Along with all the vegetables and gourds there are the flowers. Everlastings are what we grow. With them we make wreaths and dried bouquets.